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Welcome to my website! Here you will find copies of homework, videos to help with homework, event reminders and a little about me. Subscribing to my page will allow you to receive email alerts when new information is posted. 

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Printing Homework

If you need an extra copy of the homework, please click on "homework" in the blue banner to the right. 

Mrs. Gray's Turtlehead Multiplication

This video includes more explanation about why we draw a "turtlehead" and how we use it with double digit multiplication.

Homework #1

 Students received homework today that will be due on Thursday, September 7th. It is printed on green paper. If you need another copy, please download and print. If your students needs some help, please see the videos posted on my website or come to the Homework Lab. It is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons from 7:20 to 7:45 and from 3:30 to 4:00.  

Welcome to Gilbert!

Hello Adventurers! Welcome to Gilbert and 5th grade! 
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Can't wait to see you on Wednesday, August 16th! School begins at 7:50.