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Welcome Back Gilbert Intermediate Students!!!!
I am Sherry Rasmuson, and I am very excited to be starting my tenth year as the Student Support Counselor and 504/Testing Coordinator for Gilbert Intermediate and Henderson Jr. High. 
I also work closely with, Mr. Martinez, who serves as the Campus Counselor for Gilbert Intermediate, and provides our students with counseling support throughout the week.  Together we work to provide our students and parents at Gilbert Intermediate the support they need throughout the school year.
If you have any questions regarding 504 or Testing Services for your Gilbert Student, please don't hesitate to contact me or Mr. Martinez.

Sherry Rasmuson
Student Support Counselor
Gilbert Intermediate/Henderson Jr. High
Stephenville ISD
(254) 552-6745 or (254) 552-6804
[email protected]
Jason Martinez
Campus Counselor
Gilbert Intermediate 
(254) 552-6769