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Next F.O.R. Club Meeting - December 5th

December 5th is our next F.O.R. Club meeting where we will discuss what we will do for our Gilbert Gives Back Campaign.  We will also celebrate the upcoming holidays!  Be there!!

Gifted and Talented Nominations - February 6 - February 17th


Stephenville ISD is now taking nominations for the Gifted and Talented program

February 6- February 17, 2017. If you would like to nominate your student please do so by contacting Sherry Rasmuson, the School Counselor, by email at or phone 254-968-4664.

Thank you!



Stephenville ISD está abriendo las nominaciones para el programa de Excepcional y Talentosos el 6 de febrero al 17 de febrero de 2017. Si desea nominar a su estudiante, por favor póngase en contacto con Sherry Rasmuson, la Consejera de la escuela, por correo electrónico o llame a 254-968-4664.


Next F.O.R. Club Meeting, February 21st

Our next F.O.R. Club meeting is Tuesday, February 21st after school in the library.  We hope to see you there, we will be discussing our upcoming chains of kindness campaign. 

Next F.O.R.Club Meeting - Tuesday, December 13th

We will be having our Holiday party with pizza, prizes and fun, fun, fun!!!  We will also start to design our t-shirts for the upcoming year.  Please join us!!!

Next F.O.R.Club Meeting - Tuesday, November 15th

Our next F.O.R. Club meeting will be on Tuesday, November 14th after school in the library.  We will discuss committee responsibilities, holiday gift sales, as well as have a short lesson.  We hope to see you there!!!!

October - National Bullying Prevention Month

October is designated as the National Bullying Prevention month, and in keeping with schools and businesses across the nation, we here at Gilbert will be showing our support for this cause by wearing 'orange' on Wednesday, October 19th. Please view the following attachment for more information!!

Next F.O.R.Club Meeting - Tuesday, October 4th

Our next F.O.R. Club meeting will be after school on Tuesday, October 4th in the library.  We will work on assignments for our committees, and watch a video clip on helping others!!

1st F.O.R. Club Meeting of the 2016 - 2017 School Year

Please join us next Tuesday, the 13th after school for our 1st F.O.R. Club meeting of the year.  We will go over the tenets of Rachel's Challenge and sign our pledges to spread acts of kindness in our school, and community.  Meeting will start right after school in the library and dismiss between 4:15 and 4:30.
Hope to see you there!!!

Next F.O.R. Club Meeting!! November 10, 2015

Don't forget, our next F.O.R. Club meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th, right after school until 4:15.  

Welcome to Gilbert Intermediate Counseling Page

Welcome to the Gilbert Intermediate counseling page!  Here is where you can find information pertaining to our guidance and counseling program at Gilbert.  Also by signing up as a subscriber, you will receive information pertaining to upcoming events, activities, and testing! 

 Be sure and mark your calendars for the following events:

October is designated as Bullying Prevention Month - Students will sign a "We Will" pledge uniting against bullying.

College Week - October 19th - 23rd

Red Ribbon Week - October 26th - 30th

Internet Safety Training Class

Every year at Gilbert Intermediate our students attend a class on internet safety use.  This year, our internet safety classes are scheduled for Friday, September the 11th. 

2015 - 1st F.O.R. Club Meeting

Our 1st F.O.R. Club (Friends of Rachel) meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th, after school!!  We will meet in the multipurpose room from 3:25 - 4:15. If your son or daughter is planning on attending, please let them know ahead of time what their pick up arrangements will be!!  Thank you!!