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Band is more than just playing an instrument; it is immersing your child in a culture of successful students and teachers who care about education. It challenges each child to use the creative side of his or her brain while, at the same time, learning a foreign language…MUSIC.

All of the current data clearly states that students involved in music education academically out perform their non-musical counterparts.

Every destination starts with a decision to embark on a journey. The Gilbert Intermediate School band program is the start of an instrumental music journey that can last a lifetime!

We can’t promise that every child will be a musical prodigy, but we can promise they will learn, laugh, and grow along the way.


Our Fall Fundraiser has started. The sell lasts for two weeks, so find a band member to support and shop away!  Here are a few things to make note of with the fundraiser....


- All orders will be done online……make sure people put your name down after they order so you get credit.

 - There are 16 bonus items in the online store.  Make sure you mention there are more to choose from.

  - Please make sure that customers enter students name they are supporting correctly

- Please make they are sure the sizes are correct.  There is no way to get a replacement if the wrong size is ordered.

- Please make sure they know there usually is an $3 upcharge of an item for 2XL and 3XL sizes

- Customers have a chance to add a name and/or number to many of the
selections.  Remind them that an extra $6 for name/ $4 for number…..$10 for both will be added.  They need to make sure it is spelled correctly.


 - Text RB2PM to 559-900-3222 and you will receive a link to the online store.  Make sure to send it out via email, text and social media


- is the link


 - Step up prizes!  Sell 5-9 (Hat) Sell 10-14 (tumbler) Sell 15-29 (hip pack) Sell 30-59 (backpack) Sell 60-99 (Apple Air Pods) Sell 100 (Smart Watch)


- Also remember that each item sold earns $5 toward each group’s end of the year trip.  If JH students sell 15 items, their trip is paid for.  If Gilbert students sell 10 items, their trip is paid for.


- The sell lasts for two weeks and ends September 1st.

- Orders would be in about 3 weeks after sell ends