Gilbert School Counseling Services and Information


I am Sherry Rasmuson, and I am very excited to be starting my ninth year here at Gilbert Intermediate as the school counselor. One of the most important things that I do here at Gilbert is to work with all students in such a way as to help them develop into healthy, happy, and successful individuals.  Periodically throughout the year, students will participate in classes that are designed to increase their knowledge and awareness, as well as develop their skills in all aspects of their social and emotional growth. In addition, with parent permission, I will work with students individually to support more specific areas of concern or developmental need.  
I also have a wonderful partner, Mr. Martinez, District Support Counselor, who assists our students part time during the week, to help expand our services of student development and mental health.  We work together for our students and parents, seeking a partnered relationship that is designed to promote each student's success. 
In addition, I also serve as the coordinator and/or liaison for student academic services to include At Risk, RTI, Section 504, TELPAS, and the STAAR administration. I am committed to helping your child have a positive, successful school experience here at Gilbert Intermediate, and have attached a brochure with information pertaining to some of the services provided by myself, and Mr. Martinez. This brochure includes a referral form you can fill out and return, should you need a counselor to visit with your child. Please feel free to contact me, or Mr. Martinez at any time, as we welcome your questions or suggestions, and we look forward to another GREAT YEAR AT GILBERT INTERMEDIATE!!!!

Sherry Rasmuson
School Counselor
Gilbert Intermediate School
Stephenville ISD
(254) 552-6745
[email protected]
Jason Martinez
District Support Counselor
Gilbert Intermediate/Henderson Jr. High
Stephenville ISD
(254) 552-6804