Bully Prevention Program

Here at Gilbert Intermediate all students receive character educational lessons that focus around our District's Core Values. Values such as Integrity, Relationships, Initiative, Growth, Personalization, and Excellence are given every six weeks during their athletics class. The focus starts with the value, then moves on into the traits associated with the value, down to the characteristics or behaviors that demonstrate such values at school, home, and in the community.


Gilbert Intermediate also offers an after school social club called the F.O.R. Club.  F.O.R. Club, or Friends of Rachel club is open to all students at Gilbert. Members work throughout the year to help create a bully free school through fun activities, posters campaigns and social skill development lessons.  Check out the F.O.R. Club page for more information!!! Here are a few good ways to handle bullying when it occurs and some information about the Anti-Bullying pledge our students sign every year to kick-off October’s Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.  

And lastly, Gilbert Intermediate will celebrate with other student's across the nation in recognition of October as the anti-bullying month. Stay tuned for more information regarding our 'Orange Out' day, and when students will sign their anti-bullying hand pledges.


Steps to Respect the Anti-Bullying Pledge at Gilbert Intermediate

We will not accept bullying at our school.

Our goal is to create a safe, caring, respectful school.

We agree that it is everyone’s responsibility to stop bullying.

It is up to each of us to make sure that bullying does not happen.

We will: 

1) Refuse to bully others.

2) Treat others with kindness.

3) Speak out against bullying.

4) Help others feel safe and comfortable at our school.

5) Be part of the solution. 

Bully Buster Techniques: 


  • Ignore The Bully
  • Talk It Out
  • Answer The Bully With A Firm Voice
  • Look The Bully Straight In The Eye
  • Walk Proud
  • Tell A Caring Adult
  • Go To A Safe Place
  • Use "I" Messages: "I feel bad when you call me names."
  • Tell The Bully How You Feel: "Does it make you feel good to make me feel bad?"
  • Avoid Dangerous Areas
  • Go With Friends
  • Believe In Yourself
  • Try Humor
  • Watch Your Body Language
  • Walk Away Briskly But Do Not Run
  • Identify The Bully's Feeling
  • Remain Calm
  • Tell Yourself You Can Handle The Situation
  • Stay Away From Dangerous People
  • Turn Around And Go Another Way
  • Get Help
  • Don't Lose Your Temper
  • Agree With Things That Might Be True
  • Turn Insults Into Compliments
  • Question The Bully
  • Show Interest In What The Bully Thinks